CALL FOR PAPERS For the 2024 International Conference of ASEAN Studies

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SUVANNABHUMI 2024-03-04 15:00


The 2024 International Conference of ASEAN Studies

Hold on October 24-26 2024 at Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus, Thailand

Hosted by

- Korea Institute for ASEAN Studies, BUFS (KIAS-BUFS), Korea

- Institute of East Asian Studies, Thammasat University (IEAS-TU), Thailand

- TBC, Indonesia

- TBC, Malaysia

- TBC, Philippines

- TBC, Vietnam


Conference Theme:

Strengthening ASEAN and ROK Relations

  Towards a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership


In the landscape of dynamic and evolving global alliances, the relationship between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Republic of Korea (below Korea) stands out as a compelling narrative of partnership, cooperation, and shared aspirations. This strategic engagement, born out of historical ties and a mutual commitment to regional stability and economic progress, has witnessed remarkable growth and transformation over the years. Formal diplomatic ties were established in 1989, marking a pivotal moment that set the stage for a multifaceted partnership. Since then, both ASEAN and Korea have actively worked towards fostering stronger political, economic, and socio-cultural bonds, giving rise to a robust alliance that transcends geographical boundaries.


In the realms of political security concerns, economic relations, and socio-cultural exchanges, ASEAN and Korea have cooperated on regional and global arena. Shared concerns, such as big power rivalry, regional conflicts, the pursuit of sustainable development, and climate change have provided common ground for collaboration.


The 2024 International Conference of ASEAN Studies invites scholars who are interested in the theme, “Strengthening ASEAN and Korea Relations: Towards a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership.” This conference aims to dissect the multifaceted layers of ASEAN-Korea relations, delving into its historical underpinnings, diplomatic endeavors, economic intricacies, and cultural intersections. As we navigate this intricate tapestry of collaboration, it becomes evident that the ASEAN-Korea partnership is not merely a diplomatic alliance; it is a testament to the power of collective action in shaping a harmonious and prosperous future for the East Asian region.


Another important objective of this conference is to strengthen academic networking among the institutes interested in issues surrounding Southeast Asia.


  1. ASEAN-Korea Relations amidst Major Power Rivalry:

-Exploring the dynamics and challenges of ASEAN-Korea relations in the face of ongoing big power rivalries, assessing the impact on diplomatic, economic, and security cooperation.

  1. Mini-lateral Cooperation between ASEAN Sub-Regions and Korea:

-Investigating the potential for collaboration between specific ASEAN sub-regions and Korea, examining the advantages and challenges of mini-lateral engagements in fostering regional stability and prosperity.

  1. General Themes on ASEAN Studies (or Southeast Asian Studies) and Korean Studies:

-Delving into broader topics surrounding ASEAN and Korea, such as history, politics, economy, and sociocultural issues.


■ Submission of Proposals, Final Papers, and Journal Publication


1)   Panel proposals should contain the session title and each paper’s title and abstract.

2)   Final paper should be written in English (5 to 10 pages of length), and contain the basic arguments of the paper.

3)   After the conference, the authors may revise and finalize the presented papers for submission to SUVANNABHUMI: Multidisciplinary Journal of Southeast Asian Studies (SCOPUS) (and other journals). The articles will undergo a peer-reviewed process before publication.

4)   Schedule for proposals and full paper submission:


      Submission of panel proposals: 31 March 2024

      Submission of final papers: 1 October 2024

      Submissions should be made via email to


■ Conference Schedule


      Participants’ arrival and hotel check-in: 24 October 2024

      Whole day conference: 25 October 2024

      City tour and farewell lunch: 26 October 2024


■ Conference Organization


        Each institute will organize panels under their own sub-themes.

        Each institute may invite panels from their academic circles.

        Each institute will arrange air-tickets and hotel accommodation for their invited participants.

        IEAS-TU and KIAS-BUFS will arrange conference kits and meals, and city tour for the participants.


■ Contact to:


Conference Organizing Committee

Korea Institute for ASEAN Studies, BUFS

Office: +82-51-509-6642

Mobile: +82-10-6538-9321