CALL FOR PAPERS For the 2018 International Conference of ISEAS-BUFS

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SUVANNABHUMI 2017-10-17 11:13


For the 2018 International Conference of ISEAS-BUFS

To be held on 10~12 May 2018 and hosted by:

Institute for Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS),

Busan University of Foreign Studies (BUFS),

Busan 46234, South Korea

Conference Theme :

Alternative Approaches in Southeast Asian Studies:

Compounding Area Studies and Cultural Studies

Area studies had been regarded as a practical research field and conducted by scholars from various disciplines. It was one reason why area studies has not been established as an academic discipline furnished with its own unique research methodologies. Today, area studies is experiencing quantitative recession due to the decreasing strategic interests and also identity crisis by lacking of its own uniqueness. Such state of things urges us to redirect the conventional approaches of area studies as a practical research to a cultural identity studies. Furthermore in order to establish area studies as an academic discipline, in-depth discussions for contriving unique research methodologies should be followed. In this background, this Conference aims to explore new approaches in area studies, specifically for Southeast Asian studies, by compounding area studies and cultural studies. The concept of “culture” here covers not only arts but also the general intellectual transmission that influenced politics, economy, and society.

Since 2009, the ISEAS-BUFS has been conducted a 10 years research project sponsored by the National Research Foundation of Korea. The agenda of the research project is “The Recognition and Construction of Southeast Asia as a Holon: Building Southeast Asian Studies on Compounding Area Studies and Cultural Studies”. We have entered into the third phase of the research project (September 2015 - August 2019). The main research topic of the phase is “Revisiting and Reinterpreting Southeast Asian Characteristics and Methodological Quests for Southeast Asian Studies”.

The 2018 International Conference of ISEAS-BUFS invites scholars who are interested in the research theme “Alternative Approaches in Southeast Asian Studies: Compounding Area Studies and Cultural Studies”. Papers may be written on a broad range of humanities and social sciences. Papers on the following sub-themes are particularly welcomed:

1) Revisiting and Reinterpreting Southeast Asian Characteristics.

2) Southeast Asian Studies in Post-structuralism (or, Post-modernism, Feminism).

3) Methodological Quests for Southeast Asian Studies.

 Submission of Abstracts/Paper and Journal Publication

1) The one-page abstract should contain the basic arguments of the final paper.

2) The final paper should be written in English, 5,000 to 10,000 words in length, and must conform with the Text and Manuscript Guidelines of SUVANNABHUMI: Multidisciplinary Journal of Southeast Asian Studies (

3) After the Conference, presented papers are expected to be improved and/or revised by the authors for submission to SUVANNABHUMI: Multidisciplinary Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, for consideration of publication. The articles will undergo a peer-reviewed process.

4) Schedule for Abstract/Paper

  • Deadline of abstracts, accompanied by Curriculum Vitae: 20 November 2017
  • Submission of Full Papers (for selected abstracts only): 10 April 2018
  • Submissions should be sent via email to

■ Privileges for the Conference Participants

1) nIndividual Participants:

Individual participants shall be invited according to the merits of the paper proposal.

  • The invited individual participants will be provided a round trip air ticket to Busan, a 3-night free hotel accommodation, and a city tour in Busan.

  • Regardless of the travel distance, the subsidy for the cost of air tickets could not be exceeded USD 1,000.

  • 2) Panel Participants (sponsored by other institutions)

  • Any panel proposals shall be prioritized by the Conference in the selection process.

  • The panel participants will be provided a 3-night free hotel accommodations and a city tour of Busan. No subsidy for the air tickets will be provided.

  • - Upon request, the institutional title of the panel organizer or sponsor shall be posted in the list of the Conference sponsors.


■ Contact to

Dong-Yeob KIM, Ph.D. HK Professor

Institute for Southeast Asian Studies, Busan University of Foreign Studies

Office: +82-51-509-6642, Mobile: +82-10-8786-2184, Fax: +82-51-509-6649